Bunny said "After we use this cloud-based CRM service, VIdegree, it not only helps our clinic to manage medical records step by step but also replaces paper medical records and Excel files. The most important thing is budget control of IT manpower and high cost reduced. We can use VIdegree service in a very short time and it totally fits our clinic’s demand."

There are nearly 9,000 women with breast cancer in Taiwan every year,This cancer is the top one of female cancer incidence, fourth of death ranking. The biggest reason is that people have not focused on regular health examination seriously. Therefore, the head nurse of Raphael clinic, Bunny said” I often get phone call from customers for querying their last health examination date.” 

Raphael clinic is the first clinic of breast cancer screening in Taiwan, Bunny, the nurse head emphasized, ”We hope to deliver the concept of prevention and cure to Taiwanese women, because the cure rate of breast cancer at stage 0 is nearly 100% when people notice it in time. People lack of habits about self-examination and breast cancer screening, breast cancer at a younger age trend now, therefore we try to promote the idea of regular health check to women over 20 years old.” 

Use VIdegree CRM Service, Follow up Customers Easily

Every day we remind women who need return visit and regular follow-up examinations. We can care about our every customer accurately with high efficiency thanks to GSS VIdegree (Cloud Based Customer Relationship Management Service).” Bunny said, in the past we need to spend a large amount of manpower and time on health examination promotion. After we use this cloud-based CRM service, VIdegree, it not only helps our clinic to manage medical records step by step but also replaces paper medical records and Excel files. The most important thing is budget control of IT manpower and high cost reduced. We can use VIdegree service in a very short time and it totally fits our clinic’s demand.

According to the advice of Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, women aged 45-49 need to take the X-ray examination of the breast once every two years. However, the current trend is that modern women get married and pregnant at later age than before. It suggests that women over aged 20 can start to take this examination. Regarding this, there are a lot of items about regular follow-up and return visit. Bunny said that” VIdegree is the best helper to us; we can use it to design different contents for every purpose and type different customer in different group, when we want to contact some customers, the VIdegree service will follow our set time to deliver the related return visit information via email or SMS to our customers.”                                    

Build Up Own Template to Achieve the Clinic's Requirements of Managing Customer Relationship

When Raphael clinic start to use VIdegree, they worried about this CRM system is more suitable for general business industry not for medical industry.  After that, they found out that VIdergree can fit their demands totally. They can use VIdegree to customize every field name, tag, job category; it also easy to use and less time to learn, it will reduce work loading of staff. In addition, Raphael clinic also use VIdegree to deliver EDM to customers regularly for promoting and reminding related female health knowledge and registration time of regular breast health seminar. Bunny said cheerfully,”VIdegree provides dozens of high quality EDM examples. It not only solve the shortage of graphic designer and IT staff but also enhances dramatically the page views of official website and Facebook by VIdegree’s EDM sending”       

The main purpose of Raphael clinic is protecting all female’s health in Taiwan. Raphael clinic just like a pink angel with VIdegree just like the wings, they provide appropriate care to customers together, when women facing breast examination issue will not feel embarrassed and scared anymore.

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