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Vital BizForm

BizForm allows you to quickly create your online business forms. Those forms could be used to collect information or as application forms to submit for approval. BizForm provides lifecycle management for your business forms such as form designing, creating, searching, archiving and access rights control.

2-Steps Easy Form Design

Create online forms in an easy way. Whenever you’re looking to design forms for information collecting or approval, You can use BizForm’s easy-to-use form builder to designa customized form to fit your business needs in minutes.


Support Online Approval 

Submit the application form and the system will automatically send the notification to colleagues or managers for review or approval based on the defined access and approval rule.


Organize Forms quickly

Don't let a large number of forms with the documents organizing and filing takes most of your time. Leave it to BizForm's easy categorize and flexible tag to maximize your productivity!


Search on Your Finger Tip

Couldn't find your forms? BizForm equipped powerful full-text search engine helps you to get the forms needed anytime anywhere. 

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Create Forms Effortlessly

With BizForm form designer, creating forms is as easy as listing the fields you want to capture.
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Support Form  Approval

Configure predefined approval rule by one or more colleagues base on different form type. Once a form is created, the system will automatically notify and ask for approval based on the predefined rule.
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Enhances Data Retrieval Efficiency

With effortless classifying forms, not only help the effectiveness filing and organizing. It also saves the time-consuming works to find the right version form with the document in a repository. 
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Use Forms As a Communication Tool

Set up to-do reminder and online discussion once the form has approved. Let no task left behind!
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Accurate Full-Text Search

Help you to search forms and attached documents by keywords. Searching for forms in your company is no longer an annoying task. 
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The Smart List Enables One-click Query 

You can define commonly used form query criteria as a Smart List and you can access the most updated forms in one click. 
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Form Access Right Control in Easy Way

The administrator can set up the access right for forms or dedicated particular users to do so. Access right control becomes an easy and effective task. 
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US$330 /annually
Number of accounts5 user account
Storage Space100GB
Every additional account costUS$60
Cost of each additional 100GUS$60


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