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Vital CRM

Utilizing data visualization concepts and labels to allow for clear customer segmentation and deliver customized messages to targeted customers. Create a VIP like experience for your customers to encourage them to return and boost your sales.

Create a Customized Customer Database

Each customer is different. Customizable data fields allow for the most effective database design that fit your requirements.


A Most Dependable Assistant for Professional Service

Let the system alert you of each customer's inquiries! Ensure that you are always able to provide perfect and personalized service in a timely fashion.


Targeted Marketing Strategy to Boost Sales

Focus your time and resources on the right customers. Increase your engagement with your customers. Keep your sales flooding in!

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Flexible and dynamic customer datafield setting

Customize data fields according to your use case to provide a unified and complete customer information database across the organization. Allow partners and colleagues to access the most accurate and up-to-date customer information.
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Set customized labels, instantly identify targeted customers

Tagging each customer with custom labels will eliminate the need for a full text search.  Simply point-and-click to quickly find your target customer group.
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Never miss out on any customer inquiries

Access detailed customer profiles, activity logs, task progress, and to-do lists.  Conveniently assign tasks to your peers and set up task reminders.
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Always keep your customers updated via scripted follow-ups

Set scheduled automated e-mail and SMS messages to greet customers, provide service updates, and greetings for special occasions.  Delight your customers with friendly and encouraging messages to build an even closer relationship with them.
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Access customer information anytime anywhere

Vital CRM’s mobile version support both iOS Android. Allowing you to instantly access and amend customer information anywhere.

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Insight Analytical Module

Instant data-driven decision making: analyze online and offline customer data to both gain insights and take actions within Vital CRM.

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LINE Integration

LINE integration allows you to connect with customers on LINE together with CRM 360 degree of customer information.

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Contact Collector

Direct import from customized questionnaires to database help to quickly identify potential customers and create high return on investment.


Order Analysis

The key to sales is to identify customer preferences! Mining sales data to easily identify hot merchandise or perform consumer behavior analysis.


Events Management

Seamlessly manage and connect event information, invitations delivery, and participants data analytics. Effortlessly plan a smooth and successful event!


Network Diagram

The graphic helps you to understand customer's network and to find out more business opportunity in an efficient way.

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Pricing & Plan


US$20 /
per user per month (billed annually)
Minumum 5 users


US$35 /
per user per month (billed annually)


US$50 /
per user per month (billed annually)
Storage Space
Customer Count
Send EDM(CRM Points)
Account and Contact Mgnt
Customer Tags
Task & Calendar
Marketing Script
Important Date
Event Mgnt
Order Mgnt
Lead Mgnt
Roles and Permissions
Contact Collector
Line@ Connector
Insight Analytics
forever | 1 user
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100 Customers
1,000 eDM
user/month | billed annually
30 day trial
5,000 Customers
10,000 eDM
Available add-on
Available add-on
Available add-on
user/month | billed annually
30 day trial
50,000 Customers
30,000 eDM
Available add-on
Available add-on
Available add-on
  • All per user products require an annual contract but no more than 3 years contract.
  • Free accounts will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.
Add-ons Pricing List

Add-ons Pricing List

Add-ons Price(billed annually)

Item Name Price per month
10,000 Customer Count $ 40
10G Storage $ 10
50 Member $ 100
Business Card Recognition(each user) $ 1
API $ 100
Line@ Connector $ 100
Line@ Connector Light $ 70
Insight Analytics
Including 3 user accounts and CRM customer 50,000
$ 100
Insight User Account
add on Insight user account and can not exceed CRM user account
$ 20
10,000 Insight Customer Count
Add-on quantity depands on CRM customer count
$ 20

Get Extra CRM Points(1 edm = 1 point, 1 action = 1point, Minimum order Quantity = 100,000 Points)

Points Price
100,000 Points $ 85
200,000 Points $ 150
500,000 Points $ 370
1,000,000 Points $ 700
2,000,000 Points $ 1,350


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