“We had to make a change to improve our organization. If we had stuck with our old ways we wouldn’t be able to move forward. In the social media world not moving equals degeneration.”

“Which is more important, to increase income or to reduce expenditures?” asked CEO Hong. Both are vital to the success of any company and Vis-a-Vis, Cloud based sales reporting manager, helps you to accomplish both by improving customer acquisition to increase revenue and streamlining business processes to reduce expenditures.

Seven realized that the new millennium requires a new integrated approach to business. With its “Design Manager” program, Seven helps companies bring their marketing campaigns to social networks, like Facebook, more effectively.

 To expand the reach of the Social Network Housekeeper, Seven used a five-person team to call prospective clients who needed Facebook Network Management.

“Each call needed to be recorded in its entirety as this can influence our ability to meet our sales targets,” said Hong, stressing that their previous system of using Excel to create reports on their calls was inefficient and labor intensive. “After starting to use Vis-a-Vis we improved both our working efficiency and increased our sales by a third.” CEO Hong believes that “work is easy, you just need to focus on one thing and do it well and Vis-a-Vis helps us do sales development well.”

Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere

 “We had previously been using more primitive Excel and ERP,” to manage call reports, said Mr. Hong. The search to find a replacement led Seven to Vis-a-Vis as a more efficient and easily customizable alternative. “We are able to choose the fields that our most relevant to the demands of sales calling and our industry,” reducing time expenditure and errors because “sales doesn’t have to think about what to record.” Further, Vis-a-Vis’s Indicator function makes report classification a breeze, letting reports be filed under entirely customizable categories like “Submitted Proposals”, “Customer Requests”, “Leads”, “Follow Up”. Using these Indicators, managers and sales teams can quickly keep abreast of all new developments.

 One of the key benefits of using a Cloud based service like Vis-a-Vis is the ability to access the system from any internet enabled device. With native support for iOS and Android, Vis-a-Vis stays at the heart of any operation. Mr. Hong opines, “Perhaps in the future, all we’ll need for the sales team are tablets, which would greatly decrease our hardware costs.”

Advancement through the ranks of Seven is based on merit, where reaching targets decides promotion, raises, and other benefits. Previously, “performance evaluations had an element of managers’ personal biases and opinions.”

Implementing Vis-a-Vis has allowed Seven to more closely align their evaluations with employees reaching goals. “Using an employee’s ID, I can look back at all their sales reports in a one, three, or six month period. This lets me check everything about the sales, such as the number of calls, the customers visited, and how many deals were reached,” said Mr. Hong. This centralization of information on the Cloud gives Seven a much better facility to evaluate its sales force.

“We had to make a change to improve our organization. If we had stuck with our old ways we wouldn’t be able to move forward. In the social media world not moving equals degeneration.”

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Through Vis-a-Vis, our sales and managers can all immediately know how many new cases they have on their hands, which cases are in progress, and which cases require a response from the original manufacturer or approval of a discount. Members of our sales team can better understand their goal and clarify the needs of customers while drafting their reports. The cloud capabilities also allow them to search for the status of any previous cases for items such as: customer order quantity, price, special requests and etc.

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With every update instantly uploaded into the cloud, everyone stays on the same page. Managers have immediate access to information like the number of calls received or problems that have arisen, allowing them to more efficiently direct their resources. “As records are being updated constantly into Vis-a-Vis it’s easy to keep abreast of new developments or problems.

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Denny states frankly that since their team is split up into different locations, a great deal of thought must be put into managing both sides as a whole. Previously, only Outlook was used to manage internal documents, reports and sales files, but Outlook can only assign tasks in a top down direction, and leaves no room for internal communications or input from other members of the team. And following the growth of the company, the number of employees on each side of the straits also increased. Outlook was no longer enough, the company now needed an effective and systematic management tool to improve both vertical and horizontal communication within the company, and also effectively track the progress of each task.

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Having an intuitive sales reporting system is crucial to the success of any small or medium sized enterprise, bringing greater efficiency and flexibility.