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What is
Vital Knowledge

A knowledge management platform that brings together important documents and files in the enterprise for faster and more effective querying, and through the concept of community interaction, can improve organizational communication efficiency. With this, there's no need to worry about personnel leaving due to lack of knowledge.

Content Accumulative Experience Assets

An organized knowledge collection, management, and sharing together. Retain experience assets and the accumulation of sustainable energy.


Social – Gathering and Recreating Intelligence

Enterprise Social - People-oriented, emphasizing participation so that knowledge can be retained in order to produce something of value.


Mobility – There is power in action

The mobile device uses this knowledge to take advantage of real-time creation, instant sharing, and to enhance organizational productivity!

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The more accurate, the more flexible

The search results are sorted intelligently based on document usage frequency.  The search results can be re-filtered by tag, subject type, authors, etc. for quick focusing and work efficiency.
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Have more control and peace of mind with dedicated Permission Settings

Folders and attachment file permissions can be flexibly set for different roles (groups / personnel) and functions (Browse / Modify / Delete / Download, etc.), and they can be applied to a large number of files for time-efficient management.
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Mentioning Partners and Interacting to Stimulate Creativity

When you write a document , you can use the mention feature to gather people together to discuss related topics without having to wait.  This will effectively promote the participation and collaboration of colleagues.
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Watermarking Protects Your Intellectual Property

You can set the text of the watermark, it will be displayed in the user preview document, and will protect the organization's precious knowledge files from theft; this method is more secure, making knowledge sharing stress-free!
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Increase Knowledge and Task Motivation with the APP

The Amiable Arc UI design makes one hand operation very convenient! The APP can be accessed at any time; even if your network connection is poor, you can still write temporary personal notes, and then convert them into knowledge document files for uploading.  This can help avoid accidental loss of data.
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US$160 /user/1 year
storage100 GB
Add on 100GB storageUS$200
Add on APIUS$1,200


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